Posted on Wed 15 May 2013

First Post and a Colophon

My usual publishing scheme on the Internet is a s follows: I semi-regularly use Twitter to comment on current events or link to interesting stuff. During my day job, I publish geo-related stuff on Sometimes I write about some of my hacks.

But once or twice a year, I may want to write a bit more. So here we go, welcome to my new blog.

Since I own a domain and like to hack around, I wanted to do more than deploying just another WordPress blog. So here's my current publishing setup with Dropbox and Pelican:

  • I keep my drafts in a Dropbox folder, formatted in Markdown. With Dropbox, I can edit my drafts virtually on any device, with any text editor.
  • If I remove the draft status from an article, a small script copies the new content to a Pelican directory on my server hosted with Webfaction (affiliate link). Pelican is a static site generator written in Python.
  • Publishing is just starting Pelican on my server. For the final output, I use a theme called svbhack. It's clean and responsive, so it looks good on mobile and desktop.

That's about it. With endless publishing possibilities such as Facebook, Google+, Tumblr etc, it may seem anachronistic. But I'm happy to host and own everything and don't mind sacrificing limited findability.

Pelican on a box
(Pelican on a box by Jeremy Price)

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